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VIP Days

VIP Days: Take a Deep Dive Into Your Relationship

VIP days are an option for couples that have difficulty committing to weekly therapy due to busy schedules, travel, or challenges finding childcare. They also benefit couples who are in crisis yet committed to your relationship as well as couples eager to speed up the process of change. These three-hour sessions provide the opportunity to dive in and work in more organic time, allowing you, with guidance and structure, to get underneath the surface and gain renewed perception. These VIP days enable couples to accomplish understanding and healing that would typically take several weeks to accomplish in traditional weekly therapy.

Your deep dive will be dedicated to focusing on the unique circumstances of your relationship. We will start with developing a marital vision to guide our work and follow that with gaining an understanding as to how each partner contributes to the patterns that, to date, interfere with creating the relationship you want. Attention is also paid towards the ways in which you may nurture your relationship. I revel in the moments when clients have a profound shift in their relationship as they develop an increased ability to:

  • listen and truly hear their partner with curiosity
  • learn how they got derailed; improved communication skills; significance of caring behaviors
  • leap to a more joyful connection